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Lockdown is being gradually lifted - what now?

Small Businesses: Lock down is being lifted – What now? In South Africa, government has decided to use a phased approach as far as the lock down requirements are concerned. Full lock down is stage 5, which is the strictest level. It means that only certain essential services are allowed to operate, with strict requirements for all others to stay indoors in their places of residence. Level 4, which is starting on 1 May 2020, means that there will be certain organizations that will be allowed to start operating again, under strict conditions. Level 3 will be even more relaxed, etc. It means that sooner or later we will be able to start operating as small businesses. Many of us have been closed for the duration of lock down up to the point where we can start to operate again. Sounds like really good news, but how easy will it be to pick up from where we left off? The reality is that a lot of small businesses were not operational during this time. It means that there was nobo
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Vision, Mission, Values and Strategies

Organizations without a clear idea of where they want to be or what they want to achieve over time often end up running around in circles, not achieving much over time, They seem to be treading water, staying where they are. This is not good for any business, because opposition organizations move forward, and those left behind simply cease to exist in the long run. Organization need to have a clear picture of where they want be over a specified time period, and how to get there. We call this the vision of the organization, supported by strategic planning and tactical planning. Once a vision has been established, we need a road map to enable the organization to achieve its vision. Then organizations seem to move forward, achieving specific goals along the way towards achieving the vision. This blog tries to describe how this works. Vision First of all, a company needs what is generally known as the 'vision statement'. This statement provides the organization with a destina

SMEs: Corona Virus Lock Down

Leadership Actions During The COVID-19 Lock Down Introduction In many countries we are currently experiencing what is termed as "Lock Down" to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Corona Virus. This virus is deadly, and is certainly taking its toll in terms of human lives on a global scale. So it is quite understandable that governments have resorted to these measures. Here in South Africa it is no exception. So far we have had only 2 fatalities, but it will most probably rise to a whole lot more (we are currently only on day 4 of the lock down).  The negative impact that we are experiencing as businesses providing "non-essential" products and services is simply that we had to shut our doors, and that we cannot go to visit clients and carry on with our normal work. And, as the saying goes, "No work, No pay."  So what can we as leadership in our organizations do during this difficult time to prepare us for the day when we allowed to return to w